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Car Lights attached to the car

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OBD100 GPS tracking device (OBD port tracker – plug in)
FM Lite GPS tracking device (wired into the car)
CTS-1 GPS tracking device (Car Lights attached to the car, can be wired to power only)
Fact Four – Monitor vehicle data
Communicates via the 3G/NextG network
GPS receiver for live location, speed and direction updates.
2 Digital Inputs and 2 Digital Outputs
Auxiliary (Analogue) Input controller
Programmable Intelligent reporting car electronics store system.
Harsh Driving / Harsh Acceleration / Crash Sensor Port
Overspeed reporting (user defined, GPS measured)
New microprocessor controlled Fuel Sensor Port
Backup battery in case of power cuts on main supply.
Reporting every 3 minutes whilst the vehicle is moving (optional: every 1 minute)
Reporting every 60 minutes when the ignition is off (optional: every 30 minutes)
Full access to trip history and web reports
24/12V compatible
Compact size measuring 61mm/81mm/20mm (width/length/height)
Requires mobile SIM card
GPS car tracking systems can transmit engine data (car dependent) besides just tracking the GPS location giving you a full picture of what is going on with all your car(s) at any moment.  Data is available for travel speed, fuel level, or alarm activation, and other car engine or driver event. LED lights for Car tracking systems can give you greater peace-of-mind to protect your car as well as the driver whether that’s your partner, or family member.
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