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easy with GPS car tracking systems

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Fact Three – Fast and easy installation
Installation is fast and easy with GPS car tracking systems with systems
available that plug directly into the on-board diagnostics (OBD) ports available
on a majority of vehicles today.
Fleetminder, a GPS tracking solution Car
company has a range of GPS car trackers including:
Inexpensive tracking solution for one or more vehicles
24/7 monitoring of cars, caravans, vans, trucks, machinery, etc.
Ability to remotely disable the equipment, vehicle, machinery, etc.
Ability to integrate to existing vehicle alarm.
City-wide and regional NextG/3G communication technology
Real time WEB based mapping & management led car lights tool.
Reports on inefficient staff and assets.
Improves customer service by reducing response times.
Reduce mileage and vehicle abuse.
Safeguard your staff and assets.
Reduce insurance premiums.
Report by SMS or Web.
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