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Just like basketball has its slam dunks and alley oops

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Soer is a great ga to be played nike air force 1 high heren , but it's also a great ga to be watched. Soone that's not familiar with soer might wonder what extly it is that makes it the most popular sport on the pla. Just like basketball has its slam dunks and alley oops, baseball its ho runs or boxing its knockouts, soer has several key elents that make it a highly entertaining ga: goals, passes, tkles and dribbling. It's the last one that I value most, since I believe that a good dribble is not only spectular, but it can be extrely efficient in a ga, so I'm going to dedicate the following article to explaining how soer dribbling works, how you can train it, focus on a couple of special dribbling moves and see what soer abilities affect your dribbling skill. Soer Dribbling Introduction to the World of Ankle Breakers By definition nike air force 1 low dames sale , soer dribbling is a thod used by the ball carrier to pass the ball past a direct opponent, without conceding possession. This may be a tight dictionary-like statent, but in truth soer dribbling is as simple in concept as that: do anything you can (in the boundaries of the soer laws) to get past your opponent and keep possession of the ball. But getting past your opponent" needs a little explaining. At a first glance, that might seem restricted to vertically surpassing your opponent on the pitch, when in truth dribbling can be done sideways, or even bk towards your own half (when you want to avoid a tkle for example) and in many cases it's just a ans of clearing up the spe to get a pass or ot in. This doesn't necessarily get the ball on the other side of your opponent, but it does avoid him, allowing you to continue the play to your teammates. Soer Dribbling Types of Dribbles There are several types of dribbles that have different purposes in the ga and by types of dribbles I don't an specific moves, or specific tricks, but rather ga chanics involving dribbles that have a certain end-goal. Pressure Avoiding Dribbles This is probably the most mon type of dribble in the ga and as a central midfielder almost every touch of the ball you get will have to be followed by a pressure avoiding dribble. This involves a quick flick of the ball in an area with so empty spe when being under pressure from an opponent and its goal is to give you a few seconds to execute a pass nike air force one dames goedkoop , or in so cases a ot. The most important aspect of pressure avoiding dribbles is knowing where you're going to move the ball even before you tually get to it. Take into consideration that you will probably only have a couple of seconds to pass or oot the ball after such a dribble, since the defender will be quick to position himself in front of the ball again, or try to tkle you decisively. Great examples of players who use this kind of dribble effectively include Ronaldinho, Clarence Seedorf or Michael Ballk. Speed Dribbles Speed dribbles are mostly popular with wing bks, since the wings are usually more open and free and they allow a fast player to virtually throw the ball forward and run for it again, smoking one or o opponents in the process. Speed dribbles aren't very fancy in terms of ball control, however the dribbler needs to focus on puing the ball forward just right so that he doesn't loses possession to an opposing defender or throw the ball out of the playing bonds. A few examples of great speed dribblers include Arjen Robben, Cristiano Ronaldo, Marc Overmars or Dani Alves. Receiving Dribbles This is probably one of the most effective ways to dribble, but it can also be the hardest: going around your opponent straight from receiving the ball. It can throw an entire defense off balance and create havoc for the opposing team nike air force 1 nederland , but you truly have to be a skilled player to produce great receiving dribbles. First of all, you need to have impressive vision on the pitch, knowing extly where your opponents are and where you can find so open spe on the field, even before the ball gets to your foot. Secondly, you need to be in perfect control of the ball receiving technique, since puing it too soft or too hard will ruin the dribble. Last but not least, you need to use your body to trick your direct opponent off balance, allowing you to turn and pu the ball into open spe unhindered. Soer Dribbling Skill Ftors Involved in Dribbles You're probably tempted to say that ball control is the only skill involved in dribbling, but in truth there are a lot more ftors that need to be added up for a suessful dribble. Let's take'em step by step: Ball Control Indeed, ball control is a general principle that is required for almost all types of dribbles. Ball control is the ability to move with the ball nike air force one aanbieding , without losing possession, so it basically requires you to know how hard to hit the ball when moving forward with it, as well as organizing your body movent in such a way that allows you to follow up and get the ball to your feet again. Ball control also refers to being able to trap or receive a ball without puing it too further away from your body, which, in our case, is extrely useful in receiving dribbles. Ball control is important for all types of players when dribbling, regardless of their position on the pitch. Strength Strength is a major ftor in receiving dribbles and positional ones, since it allows you to use your body as a wall beeen the ball and your opponent, repositioning him or her so you create an advantage towards the enemy goal. If you look at so of the players that are considered the best dribbles out there nowadays, such as Ronaldinho or Zinedine Zidane nike air force one goedkoop , you'll notice that they very often use their body in dribbles, in order to surpass an opponent or relieve themselves of pressure and find a pass or a ot. In what regards soer dribbling, strength is mostly important for central midfielders, who are under constant pressure from the opposing team and for attkers who will have to use their bodies to ield the ball before they can unlea a dribble in the box.
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