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"NBA2K16" cheap power forward Diamond Recommended
upfifayl (25.05.2016 11:15:18)

"NBA 2K16" There are a lot of diamonds cards, but are generally more expensive, then what is it easy to use cheap Diamond? Take a look at "NBA 2K16" cheap power forward Diamond recommend it! I hope that players like.   Loew, 65-75 million NBA 2K16 MT.   Practicality is better, three very good, tall defensive worse, playing shelling was quite right, and if the driver selection, will not consider the feelings and words of good defense.   Russell, 35-45 million NBA 2K16 MT.   Speed and brush version is a bright spot, model ugly, ugly action, no drilling before the big card, then you can make do... Читать далее

"NBA2K16" MT player mode and recommended usage resolve
upfifayl (25.05.2016 11:12:53)

Before a lot of people asked me to write a recommendation players, but I think nothing is necessary, because this generation has a big difference with 15, 15 if you do not buy a player you can not experience you do not have the players, but 16 the gauntlet mode, in this mode you can randomly drawn two cards, with your own choice is 3, and every time you want a new card when the gauntlet mode it is very easy to be able to get them, so that we can feel the deep malice of these cards in advance,... Читать далее

"NBA2K16" cheap point guard Diamond Recommended
upfifayl (25.05.2016 11:12:13)

  "NBA 2K16" There are a lot of diamonds cards, but are generally more expensive, then what is it easy to use cheap Diamond? Take a look at "NBA 2K16" cheap point guard Diamond recommend it! I hope that players like.   1, mobile screens Curry --- Bukkake first person, is characterized by multiple medals, three hot zone touching, playing cooked absolutely complete opposite belong abuse. The disadvantage is that the playoffs would be to take the large size of the guard ass child cry. About 60,000-70,000 NBA MT Coins   2, Deron --- really, very easy to use Delong, playmaker, guard screens third, the... Читать далее

"NBA2K16" badge practical tips and select
upfifayl (25.05.2016 11:10:33)

First, regardless of the players inside and outside the line, if not a pure type of shooting requires stuntman, relentless Terminator, aggressive by three to a pack indispensable! Which were aggressive on the defensive have additive will reduce the other hits, hit a layup to increase the rate, it can be said to be the home of the necessary medicine   Then seal the outside perimeter players must have anti-pick and roll and dodge, single fast break and converted the Terminator, if dunk attributes and tendencies are high players must buckle up and add color to empty the Terminator, and then is... Читать далее

Blade and Soul Online Update 2.2:Infinity Tower
upfifayl (25.05.2016 08:46:07)

Blade & Soul CN will be releasing new contents on 25th Feb 2016, including Infinity Tower, new pets, new charms, new upgrade option for S2.5 weapons etc Infinity Tower is a solo instance with 100 floors. A random NPC opponent awaits at each floor. The preliminary details has been explained by the previous update note for BNS KR. You can get up to 3 entry tickets per day. The time limit for each floor is 4 minutes. Although you start at the 1st floor, you will advance to a higher floor if you kill the enemy in a shorter time. Your HP will... Читать далее

Samp hires the FIFA 16 phenomenon sell fifa 17 coins
upfifayl (23.05.2016 16:54:47)

A Fifa 2016 phenomenon hired by a team of Italian Serie A, one of those news that until a few years ago would have been taken for a joke: instead the imagination is slowly overcoming the reality and Sampdoria today is the first club beautiful country to have hired a skilled player of what is probably the most famous football videogame in the world, Fifa, produced by EA Sports.   GUARRACINO HOW CASSANO - The Sampdoria have chosen to put under contract Mattia Guarracino, with the aim to form their own eSports team, the electronic sports: the young will be the star... Читать далее

FIFA 17 coins: EA Sports reveals the first information
upfifayl (23.05.2016 16:53:37)

New teams, improved customization athletes and more immersive experience ... These are the first tracks for the edition 2017 of the famous video game.   FIFA aficionados await information on the new album as expected the episode to an addictive series: with impatience and anxiety. Will it be as good as the previous one? Will weaknesses improved? In any case, EA Sports starts to unveil some tracks on one of its brands expected in the autumn: FIFA 17.   A new shooting system In 2015, the publisher has innovated by introducing for the first time women's national team - including France. FIFA 17 course will... Читать далее

upfifayl (23.05.2016 16:52:24)

Belgium, a small country in Europe, is now the leader in the FIFA ranking, and more than that, is the country that has produced more star players in world football. None of this was random. They are a real overhaul of proof. It all started after a failure at Euro 2000 held at home.   While the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) says it is being recast, reshaped other countries really. Belgium even qualified for the second phase of the European Championship held in Belgium and the Netherlands in 2000. From there, with a plan that changed the whole country, sugriram Eden Hazard... Читать далее

upfifayl (23.05.2016 16:51:07)

The FIFA 16 game deals with the evolution of athletes and for this it is necessary to make some predictions of the future. We opine some of them, after analyzing the game in Career Mode.   Certainly the game FIFA 16 is one of the largest developments of the latest technology. With an extremely realistic look, you can even confuse a distracted person who pass in front of a TV with a real game. Another fun is the Career Mode which FIFA 17 Coins for sale , among other things, allows the player to get to many years of future buying and... Читать далее

FIFA 16: Update 1:06 improved matchmaking, and more
upfifayl (23.05.2016 16:49:09)

Immediately a new update is ready, the "FIFA 16" removes the version 1.06. We tell you what changes with this in detail.   Although "FIFA 17" most likely to be short before the official announcement, Electronic Arts or the developers of EA Sports in mind the current part "FIFA 16" continues with various improvements.   As announced in the official forum, now the update to version 1.06 is available, which can be downloaded for free as usual and brings various optimizations with it. Among other things, the guys from EA Sports improved after the general matchmaking.   What is "16 FIFA" -Update else changes with the... Читать далее