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Austin Butler wears his Persol 0714 sunglasses atop new rock star look

DeBauche (04.08.2016 13:36:27)

The last time Austin Butler appeared in Ray Ban Sunglassses Shop’s As Seen On he was wearing these iconic folding Persol
cheap ray ban sunglasses. Three years on he’s still in them – this handmade work of art is the kind of pair of sunglasses that you wear for life. He's snapped here after visiting Maxfields West Hollywood. His sunglasses are the same but his look’s not.

The Chronicles of ray ban outlet star’s sporting long locks and looking more than a little bit like a rock star. The distinctive folding Persol 0714 was created in the sixties, the eve of the golden age of the rock star. It's the perfect style to sit atop Austin's skinny black jeans, check shirt, suede cowboy boots, silky scarf and fedora. Although it’s his acting he’s known for, this is no act. Austin has a collection of guitars and is a keen player.

Austin loves Persol 0714 ray ban sunglasses so much he has a black set too, in addition to this classic havana pair. Another actor of course famously made these unmistakable cheap ray bans his signature - Steve McQueen. Persol 0714 is also available this season in a special limited edition, at Ray Ban Outlet Sunglasses Shop now. Made with extra features including McQueen's extra arrows at the temples, it’s in high demand.

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