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Front and rear legs parts used running shoes ASICS patented GEL

genghao (25.06.2016 16:25:40)

GEL-KAYANO 22 uses the latest FluidFit ASICS shoe technology, will be full-stretched mesh and stretch supplement combining conform foot, to bring runners such as "glove" fit like feel. The new shoes seamless process, with the heel reinforcement system, so wearing feeling more fit, and to provide security. GEL-KAYANO 22 to enhance the flexibility of the forefoot, each runner's pace can feel more fluid and powerful. FluidRide double midsole construction provides Nike Air Max 95 Womens excellent comfort, support and stability. Front and rear legs parts used running shoes ASICS patented GEL cushioning shock absorber technology, to enhance the first touchdown of the foot to promote kicker cushioning properties of the whole process. The new center follows the ASICS GUIDANCE LINE guidewire, and guide all parts of the foot to the center to gather, to help runners correct posture, effectively improve the running efficiency. kayano22sw the biggest difference is that kayano22sw kayano22 toe is very wide, very suitable for wide feet, foot fat people, SW United States Code 2E equivalent width for wide feet, of course, do not mind the normal foot width is the same manageable . On the difference between science and technology and kayano22 no different, kayano22sw feet wide and there is no doubt to the students to bring www.freemaxuk.cc the gospel. Asics kayano22 and kayano22sw What is the difference mainly reflected in the width of the shoe. As a new generation of Kayano 21, Kayano 21 cukuang appearance with soft to describe Kayano 22 may be more appropriate, is the main cause of this feeling in the upper Kayano 22 had a very big adjustment. After the abandonment of the project mesh and car suture Kayano 22 can not help but threadbare embarked seamless uppers and heat bonded to support the road, FluidFit uppers newly introduced to let Kayano 22 looks a lot supple, thin outer layer let Kayano 22 a vamp look is a pair will feel very comfortable to wear running shoes. Canvas shoes, is all very familiar and very kind to wearing shoes. You like to wear canvas shoes, canvas shoes laces know a variety of patterns, such as the Department of farnesyl grid method, the upper and lower pressure method, cross-line, these are the more popular canvas lace pattern-based method. When the canvas shoes with laces is not the same law, which makes it even more personality, fashion. When buying running shoes, do not wear often because of the size and disappointed, shoes too big or too small will give us in our daily walk or run caused some damage, asics running shoes Evergreen's running as a person, very necessary to understand asics running shoes shoes code, so as to facilitate a more accurate we can choose when to buy one pair of shoes for their own. ASICS GEL-FujiTrabuco 2 is a high-end trail running shoes, according to whether the GTX and whether Neutral divided into multiple versions, Neutral version damping system that is suitable for high arches and normal arch crowd. The Neutral GTX version of the off-road running shoes equipped with Gore-Tex waterproof breathable membrane keeps feet dry and New Balance 410 Womens comfortable in wet conditions, the use of toe leather-wrapped to protect the forefoot and improve life. Solyle material in the end, is a low density and high recovery of material that can provide a better buffer function, and reduce the weight of the front and rear foot have joined GEL cushioning system, to reduce the foot strikes the ground vibration generated, improve power conversion to ensure that the natural gait. Solid rubber outsole for enhanced durability and traction and wear parts frequently added AHAR sole high wear-resistant rubber, improve the overall wear and prolong the service life of the outsole. Shoe body with 3M reflective tape, and the tongue portion with a small pocket, can be incorporated into the shoelace knot. GEL-FujiTrainer 3 is buffered practical level cross-country running shoes, light-weight and stability Nike Air Max 90 Mens aspects of the upgrade. In response to changing outdoor environment, in response to changing outdoor environment, it uppers after water treatment. And large mesh for breathability is guaranteed, outsole with a honeycomb design with AHAR rubber provides a good grip and abrasion resistance. Butterfly-shaped widened toe rubber bumper on uneven roads can have better protection. Wherein the end of the use Solyte material, compared to EVA cushioning better and more durable, and the heel of the built-headed Asics Gel cushioning rubber to further enhance cushioning and resilience. Eva midsole with high-density material, greatly reducing the weight of its own. The tongue is a little more intimate top there is a small pocket, can go in accommodating the extra shoelaces, to avoid danger when the complex road running. ASICS Asics GEL-VENTURE Nike Air Huarache Mens 4 is positioned as an entry-level cross-country running shoes, mesh fabric uppers, breathable and comfortable; removable insoles, increased permeability and convenience; Rearfoot GEL forefoot and heel shock absorber rubber can withstand high impact strength ; AHAR + rubber outsole, rubber sponge containing material has a certain damping effect, while maintaining a certain grip while maintaining good wear resistance. Asics running shoes not only functionally excellent, color is also very attractive, cross-country running shoes is adding some unique outdoor science and technology, making the Asics trail running shoes waterproof more prominent, so that, asics trail running shoes waterproof ? the answer is yes, waterproof, non-slip, wear, put on a pair, outdoor travel, properly properly. Asics, Onitsuka Japanese people Baxi Nike Air Huarache Womens Lang founded the sports shoe brand, which adhere to high-tech, high-quality standards, developed a number of patents, the wearer will prevent injuries and sports fun combination laid the world's fifth-largest sports brand position. Asics brand has a lot of classic running shoes, such as Asics k22 and 360, a lot of people want to know these two running shoes buy Which is better?

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