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"NBA2K16" cheap power forward Diamond Recommended

upfifayl (25.05.2016 11:15:18)
"NBA 2K16" There are a lot of diamonds cards, but are generally more expensive, then what is it easy to use cheap Diamond? Take a look at "NBA 2K16" cheap power forward Diamond recommend it! I hope that players like.
Loew, 65-75 million NBA 2K16 MT.
Practicality is better, three very good, tall defensive worse, playing shelling was quite right, and if the driver selection, will not consider the feelings and words of good defense.
Russell, 35-45 million NBA 2K16 MT.
Speed and brush version is a bright spot, model ugly, ugly action, no drilling before the big card, then you can make do with.
Nowitzki, 950,000 or so NBA 2K16 MT.
The driver is not cheap personal feeling down, feeling and practicality was arrayed, and with a variety of cards and can be, it is obvious height advantage, medals must add the cap. Third of very stable, and as cool and Curry cast up arc very intoxicating, strong inside play efficiency is also good, albeit marginally dunks, but also looks comfortable, but as long as the foot stand to turn around and take back easily a personal favorite one.
Duncan, 85-90 million NBA 2K16 MT.
Duncan prices do not increase was mainly due to a combination of play and tactical positions screens too few people, like simple and crude, but Duncan is a very delicate card, you need to slowly appreciate. HLI is strongest.
Don't let your NBA 2K17 Coins toes get crossed and it will have difficulties getting around you. Then your counselling guards should run to the guard and trap the pup in place. The point guard will probably toss a pass this forwards can steal.

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