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"NBA2K16" cheap point guard Diamond Recommended

upfifayl (25.05.2016 11:12:13)
"NBA 2K16" There are a lot of diamonds cards, but are generally more expensive, then what is it easy to use cheap Diamond? Take a look at "NBA 2K16" cheap point guard Diamond recommend it! I hope that players like.
1, mobile screens Curry --- Bukkake first person, is characterized by multiple medals, three hot zone touching, playing cooked absolutely complete opposite belong abuse. The disadvantage is that the playoffs would be to take the large size of the guard ass child cry. About 60,000-70,000 NBA MT Coins
2, Deron --- really, very easy to use Delong, playmaker, guard screens third, the most important thing is three points very steady, vote 10 8-9 green, the disadvantage is not dunk. About 250,000-300,000 NBA MT Coins
3, Thomas --- a high bounce shooting action, better control, strong physique than Curry drawback short home. Because of the new, so 35-40 million NBA MT Coins.
4, Nash --- shooting and control the game very stable, perimeter defense is also B +, retro stream belongs to consider it, though not the hot zone, but the shooting position is superior. The disadvantage is that bad physique. . . 750,000 NBA MT Coins fixed price.
5, Lawson --- most important feature: the dunk! ! ! Speed, three high, fast-break dunk, high cost ah, the disadvantage is the low point, do not play well as blue yet. . 25-30 million NBA MT Coins
6, Harden Harden --- in fact, although the poor defense, but playing point guard really comfortable ah, after all, at that physique, and be beaten Owen can still attack cattle. 60-65 million NBA MT Coins.
Good maneuvering NBA 2K17 MT for sale remains a shot when you are placing up. You always want to the fatigue open spot. Once you've achieved a good spot, you also need to safeguarded your spot. These will certainly require solid footwork.

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