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"NBA2K16" badge practical tips and select

upfifayl (25.05.2016 11:10:33)
First, regardless of the players inside and outside the line, if not a pure type of shooting requires stuntman, relentless Terminator, aggressive by three to a pack indispensable! Which were aggressive on the defensive have additive will reduce the other hits, hit a layup to increase the rate, it can be said to be the home of the necessary medicine
Then seal the outside perimeter players must have anti-pick and roll and dodge, single fast break and converted the Terminator, if dunk attributes and tendencies are high players must buckle up and add color to empty the Terminator, and then is shot combination package, missing what plus what is good, better shooter than shooting off the dribble, plus priority!
Down to talk about these two corners and unlimited badge 3 points, 3 points for attributes and tendencies are not very good players, such as Wall, and I personally think that less than 90 would not need to add three points badge, if the added have before they can be considered a badge 3 points, two better than the inside corner of the infinite! Increase the hit rate of a broader scope, reference Pickle hot zone, red zone are two sides of the corner of the master bonus range! Unlimited is just one step beyond the 3-point line bonus! But also consider the hot zone! Keep in mind, or that Wall, corner location is blue! So do not add corner master, plus a maximum of white effects that are not allowed or not allowed, there is no need to add!
The inside of the player! Anti back body seal and cap expert must be added! All badges and reduce the opponents hit rate! There is also a back body rotation must be added! And without this badge of players is turned back to play two levels!
OK! Last but not least, no matter who, ten cents is a need to add the! You can increase shooting the ball players!Safe to buy NBA 2K17 MT easy and fast in our reputable dpsvip.com buy NBA 2K17 MT store, we provides various global security payment methods such as Paypal, Skrill(Moneybookers), and PaySafeCard.

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