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Blade and Soul Online Update 2.2:Infinity Tower

upfifayl (25.05.2016 08:46:07)

Blade & Soul CN will be releasing new contents on 25th Feb 2016, including Infinity Tower, new pets, new charms, new upgrade option for S2.5 weapons etc

Infinity Tower is a solo instance with 100 floors. A random NPC opponent awaits at each floor. The preliminary details has been explained by the previous update note for BNS KR.

You can get up to 3 entry tickets per day. The time limit for each floor is 4 minutes. Although you start at the 1st floor, you will advance to a higher floor if you kill the enemy in a shorter time.

Your HP will be fully healed before proceeding up to the next floor. All the status debuff or skill effect from equipment will be reset upon moving to the next floor. Furthermore, you are allowed to select 1 of the 3 additional skill to aid you in battle.

The rewards for infinity tower include 2 new types of charms (divine plates) for each class. Charms are new equipment introduced last month along with the release of Mushin Tower F20. It does not grant any status but add additional skill effect.

With the release of these 2 new charms, there are a total of 4 charms for each class.

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