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Samp hires the FIFA 16 phenomenon sell fifa 17 coins

upfifayl (23.05.2016 16:54:47)

A Fifa 2016 phenomenon hired by a team of Italian Serie A, one of those news that until a few years ago would have been taken for a joke: instead the imagination is slowly overcoming the reality and Sampdoria today is the first club beautiful country to have hired a skilled player of what is probably the most famous football videogame in the world, Fifa, produced by EA Sports.


GUARRACINO HOW CASSANO - The Sampdoria have chosen to put under contract Mattia Guarracino, with the aim to form their own eSports team, the electronic sports: the young will be the star of the training that will participate in the "FIFA Interactive World Cup" and is officially a card-Sampdoria, as Antonio Cassano and Roberto Soriano. Guarracino is six times Italian champion of FIFA and European champion Ems IX, a bronze medal at the Olympic Games in South Korea in 2011 and the European Championship in Poland. No exercise in Bogliasco for him, but a lot of exercise at home with the version for Xbox One Fifa 16 EA Sports.


THE FIRST VIRTUAL affiliated IN ITALY - Mattia uses the Lonewolf92Fifa nickname and has not yet discussed the engagement with President Massimo Ferrero. Here are his words to Ansa: "In Italy the movement has not started yet, but together with Ferrero President're trying to get it off. In Europe, however, is slowly catching on Sell FIFA 17 Coins , with West Ham and Wolfsburg they have already begun to move and bought players gamers to FIFA. I will become the first virtual-register a football team in Italy, the first gamer. This is a new market for all. the eSports grow in popularity year after year and after these clubs, even at Sampdoria she has envisioned the potential and decided to be the first to invest in this area. the first event for all will be on 4 and 11 June, with two Roman milestones and the final which always take place in the capital on June 12, which will also come skilled qualifications of Pontedera and Padua. "


COMMENT OF THE FERRERO - The president of Sampdoria is confident in the potential of eSport, which reached 30 million users, and which can ensure wide publicity around the globe. Here are the words of Ferrero: "The West Ham became the first UK club to put under contract video games, but the same thing has already happened in Germany with Wolsburg that have signed two players and Schalke 04 who took an entire team. I have decided to put under contract Mattia, who is the greatest player of FIFA 17 Account video games in Italy and I want to become the first Italian club Sampdoria take the road of professional video games, which will be the future of football. " The virtual transfer market is just beginning.


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