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upfifayl (23.05.2016 16:51:07)

The FIFA 16 game deals with the evolution of athletes and for this it is necessary to make some predictions of the future. We opine some of them, after analyzing the game in Career Mode.


Certainly the game FIFA 16 is one of the largest developments of the latest technology. With an extremely realistic look, you can even confuse a distracted person who pass in front of a TV with a real game. Another fun is the Career Mode which FIFA 17 Coins for sale , among other things, allows the player to get to many years of future buying and selling players, as well as managing the clubs. Thus, the passionate FIFA 16, you can also see their idols maturing, reaching the peak of his career and even retiring. For this, it was necessary to schedule some future situations that may or may not materialize. The Torcedores.com evaluated several of them and concluded that some may be right. Check it:


Gabriel Jesus: The jewel of Palmeiras is a major attraction of the game. It is the famous 'good and cheap'. The evolution of young palmeirense is impressive and it is those players who reach a higher overall score to 80. In real life, explosive, dribbler and definer, Jesus is seen as a great promise. While working, can be those players who can enthrall Europe and be a big star in world football. In FIFA 16, he has already demonstrated that it is able to do this. We believe that in real life can also happen. Only the future will tell.


Anyway this is a amazing football player, with high rating on FIFA 17, if you wanna take cheap fifa 17 coins for him, welcome to upfifacoins.com

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